New Stone China .Limited
    ADD: KB2-2 Robinsons Galleria ,Xiahe Road ,Xiamen ,China

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      Xiamen NEW STONE CHINA LIMITED with solo-invested factories founded in 2004,
    is a professional and leading manufacturer and exporter for natural stone products,
    including granites, marbles, slates, sandstones and limestones from home and abroad:
    Main products:
    Tombstones: headstones, kerbs, slants, markers, ornaments, letter carvings from different
    styles including European, Asian, American, Australian ones and so on;
    Building stones: Tiles, slabs, countertops, paving stones, wall claddings, culture stones,
    staircases, windowsills, shower cups, basins, columns, roofing slates,
    patterns and mosaics for projects;
    Landscape stones: Sculptures of figures and animals, fountains, flower pots, tables and benches etc.
    Quarries: Padang Dark G654, Gray G603
    For tiles and cut to size: Maxiang, Xiang’an District, Xiamen
    For cut to size, projects: Shijin town, Quanzhou city
    For complete set of tombstones: Chongwu town, Hui’an, Quanzhou city
    For kerbs from tombstones and pavements: Tong’an town, Xiamen
    For gang saw slabs: Jinjiang, Quanzhou city
    For marbles: Yixing, Jiangsu
    KB2-2 Robinsons Galleria ,Xiahe Road ,Xiamen ,China
    Tel: 0086 0592 6539066   Fax: 0086 0592 6539066
    For any inquiry or further information, please contact the following:
    Lina Zhang : manager