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The combination of marble and furniture presents a high-grad

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The natural attributes of natural marble give it a natural simplicity, beautiful patterns, and unique qualities, which can allow unconstrained designers to diverge their thinking at will and express creative ideas and intentions, so it is very suitable for wall decoration.
  The texture of natural marble gives it a sense of solemnity, allowing people in it to clearly feel that it has a higher cultural taste.
In the evolution of contemporary urban art aesthetics, the young elites in the middle pay more attention to the true appearance of life. There will be marbles in high-quality home decoration, whether it is elegant and simple Chinese style or fashionable modern style. , Marble can shine. The series of green jade stone cascading sofa background wall, beige pavé TV background shape, Italian gray stone paving floor, gray wood veneer and wall cloth hard cover all give the space a different life style and artistic playful tone.
In order to highlight the spatial temperament more, the shape of the furniture is subtracted, and the simple and clear lines are used to echo the texture of the space. The choice of furniture material is also considered in conjunction with the spatial tonality, so that the space is harmonious and unified in different dimensions. The color of the space is A peculiar ruler, according to the temperament of the room, white snowflake white stone is used as a spliced ​​TV background wall, light brown Ionian marble is used for the floor, and the jazz white marble decorates the wall of the bathing space, resin board and transparent The long glass partitions the private space.
The whole environment shines brightly under the background of marble, giving people beautiful and warm senses, and also raises the art to a new level. Marble is an indispensable material for home decoration.

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