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How to maintain quartz stone countertops?

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The kitchen is used the most frequently in family life, and the most frequently used place in the kitchen is the quartz stone countertop. Long-term use will bring certain damage to the quartz stone, which will also bring some trouble to the later cleaning and maintenance. . Quartz stone is an artificial stone product. In a certain sense, some household cleaning tools will damage the countertop to a certain extent. The following editor will explain to you the misunderstanding of quartz stone cleaning and maintenance!
For kitchen cleaning, the most headaches are oily smoke and water stains. The cleaning of quartz stone countertops is the simplest, just use clean water and a rag, and use a dry towel to dry after cleaning. But be careful not to use a wire ball or shovel to scrape during cleaning. Scraping back and forth will cause scratches. In case of stubborn stains, soapy water or neutral detergent can be used. Strong detergents, metal cleaners, and stove cleaners are prohibited. Do not touch methylene chloride, acetone, strong acid cleaners, etc.
Precautions and maintenance during use. Do not place high-temperature objects directly or for a long time on the countertop. Hot pots, hot pots, and other utensils with excessively high temperature that are directly removed from the stove, oven, or microwave may cause damage. If the quartz stone surface is damaged, a heat insulation pad should be placed on the countertop. Do not beat the countertop forcefully, cut, chop, or chop things directly on the countertop. Although the quartz countertop is durable, it will leave unsightly scratches. After use, it should be washed with clean water in time to avoid leaving stains. Regular waxing. Special wax for stone can be purchased at stone or cabinet stores. Car wax or floor wax can also be used. It is best to wax once in three months. Splicing or key locations can be waxed once a month.


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